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American Family Funding Recent Articles:

  • Market Update March 28th

      The stock market craziness has calmed down and investors seem to have taken a little bit of a breather. Through the first four trading days of the week, the markets have remained within a narrow range. Little major economic news domestically and internationally There has been little opportunity for…

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  • The Potential Cost Of Waiting

    Hi Homeowner, Waiting for just the right time to buy a home can be tricky. Should you save up more money first? Postpone until the new job comes through? Here’s a quick widget to show you what could happen to your monthly payment if home values and interest rates rise while…

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  • Changes On Your Payment

    Hi Homeowner! Change is the only constant in life, right? You can expect change when you shop for and finance a home, too. Whether it’s the purchase price or potential daily differences in interest rates, numbers can move until contracts are signed and rates are locked in. How do you…

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  • Market Update March 21

    What a difference a few weeks makes. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has recouped the over 2000-point loss from late last year. Oil prices are now at $40.00 a barrel and rising. This is what is primarily fueling the stock recovery. Just a short time ago, everyone was expecting the…

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  • Regulations Still Hover Over Mortgage Industry

    Fred Kreger, president-elect, NAMB, The Association of Mortgage Professionals By Rob Crow, editor, Scotsman Guide Residential Edition | bio Regulations Still Hover Over Mortgage Industry Regulatory issues continue to dominate the mortgage landscape. Last year saw the implementation of TRID, the new Truth in Lending Act and Real Estate Settlement…

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  • Market Update March 7th

        Please enjoy this quick update on what happened this week in the housing and financial markets. It seems like investors are back in the stock market. This is the second week that the broader indexes finished in positive territory. As of Friday morning that Dow is up just…

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  • Market Update February 29th

    The best news of the week is that if you have any investments in the stock market, you have likely seen a significant recovery of the money you have lost in the last couple of months. For the last two weeks the stock market has been moving higher and most…

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  • Market Update February 15th

        Never before in the history of writing my weekly commentary have I referenced that the Energy Information Agency Petroleum Status Report.  I guess there is a first time for everything.  Every week this report provides the status of petroleum reserves in the United States.  We never pay much…

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  • Market Update February 8th

    Coming out of the recession, everyone was told that real estate would need to lead the way. The reality was that the labor market took us out and real estate lagged behind. Today it may be that real estate is the only thing that may keep the economy from returning…

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  • Market Update February 1st

    The stock market is struggling while the housing market continues to improve. • Home prices reported by the Federal Housing Finance Agency are up a solid 0.5 percent for November. • Additionally, prices are 5.9 percent higher than the same time last year. • The Mountain states led the way…

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