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Weekly Expert Update {Market Report} – January 28, 2022

Weekly Expert Update {Market Report} – January 28, 2022
January 28, 2022 abryant

Quick takeaways:

  • Creative methods for building your brand.
  • Are you aiming big with your 2022 goals?
  • A drip campaign keeps you top-of-mind with clients and prospects.
  • Become an industry expert at Quora.com.
  • Achieving work-life balance is possible.

Read on for our coverage.

Creative, Lasting Ways to Build Your Brand

Your name is your brand, so it’s vital to choose marketing strategies that will frequently remind prospects of what you can do for them. Here are some proven, effective methods:

  • Support a cause“Cause-related” gift items that support environmental or social causes prove you’re socially responsible. Studies show that 77% of consumers prefer to do business with those that support a cause.
  • Go eco-friendlyStudies show that 46% of buyers prefer environmentally friendly items. Choose items made with recycled materials and add your brand. These can be bottles of water, drinkware, or paper items.
  • Keep it localSupport your local artisans by ordering co-branded food and drink gifts. These will keep you top of mind in prospects’ kitchens. Another plus: going local means no overseas shipping delays.1

Dreaming Big in 2022

What are your resolutions for 2022? A survey of real estate agents revealed their top resolutions for the new year. Most said they wanted to spend more time with loved ones and renew their focus on their personal health. Others had big dreams for their business, including record-setting sales goals and breaking into new markets. Our advice: Review your goals each month to refresh your motivation and ensure you’re still on track.2


Automate Your Email Marketing Using Drip Campaigns

A “drip campaign” is an automated email series that go to prospects and/or existing borrowers. It will keep your name in front of prospects and clients alike, while educating and engaging them. Ready to get started?

  • Prepare your email database by sorting it into two or more groups, then adding more recipients. Begin by separating prospects from established borrowers, then separating borrowers by type. Your groups may include first-time homebuyers, repeat clients, real estate investors, and future retirees.
  • Compose and send tailored content to each group. Tell them how you can assist them with achieving their plans. A drip campaign to repeat clients might contain solutions to inventory shortages, while a first-time buyer campaign can advise how to prepare for homeownership.
  • Manage the campaigns with an email tool like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Constant Contact. These enable you to schedule each drip email’s launch in advance. Another big plus: they will automatically begin sending emails to new contacts when you add them to a group.3

Real Estate Agents are Using Quora to Find Leads

Got a question? Chances are you can find the answer at Quora.com. The site relies on crowdsourcing — currently, Quora sees 300 million users a month — to answer visitors’ questions about a wide range of topics, including real estate and home maintenance. Agents can position themselves as experts on the site for a small monthly membership fee, and build trust by crafting thoughtful replies to real estate-related questions, like “How much will I pay in commission if I sell my house?” and “What closing costs should I expect to pay?” 4

Three Strategies for Achieving Work-Life Balance in Real Estate

Your to-do list is likely overflowing with ideas and tasks related to your business. But maintaining a balance between work and your personal life isn’t just a good idea — it’s crucial for avoiding burnout. Use these strategies to jump-start your plan:

  • Know how many clients you can handle at onceTaking on too many clients leads to stress and overwork. Pre-determine how many clients you can serve at one time and keep a “waiting list” when you hit your maximum.
  • Set boundaries on your timeIt’s easy to let the line between work hours and personal hours blur. Use time blocks to schedule your day, including time for replying to emails and returning texts and phone calls.
  • Hire an assistantAn assistant can take administrative tasks off your plate, giving you time to put back in your day so you can focus on what’s truly important.5

Next weeks potential market moving reports are:

  • Monday, January 31st – No Report    
  • Tuesday, February 1st – Jop Openings, Job Quits, Construction Spending
  • Wednesday, February 2nd – Employment Report, Home Ownership Rate
  • Thursday, February 3rd – Initial Jobless Claims, Continuing Jobless Claims
  • Friday, February 4th – Unemployment Rate

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