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American Family Funding and Credit Unions

American Family Funding and Credit Unions

We Bring You Loans and Help You Build Your ARM Portfolios

We have customers that do not always meet every guideline for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but they are still very strong candidates that we can present for your loan portfolio. We also have extensive experience in helping Credit Unions build portfolios containing Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) that are 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1 that can help protect your portfolio in a rising interest rate market.

Generate Fee Income

We have a completely compliant referral program where you can generate fee income by referring loans to us that do not meet your portfolio guidelines. If you do not do portfolio loans, you can still receive fee income for referring potential loans to us.

WE Help You Retain Your Loans and Members from Leaving to Big Banks

Portfolio – We are not a depository institution so we will not market any other products such as savings or checking accounts, auto loans etc., to your customers. Partnering with us will help you become an “all in one” financial institution for your members.

Array of Products – We have specialty products that will meet the unique needs of all your members.

Education & Seminars

Internal – We have seminars put on by AFF to your employees to educate them on sales techniques, marketing and leadership.

External – First-Time Homebuyers, VA and Lobby Days are all presented by AFF Experts.

Build Your Brand in the Mortgage Space with Your Members

Partnering with us will increase your member’s knowledge about your credit union and help you become their primary financial institution.

Trusted Partners for Over 2 Decades!

  • Fred and his team did amazing with our first home loan! It was a pleasure working with Fred. We would highly recommend him and his team. We got the keys to our home faster then we expected and could not have been happier! He is very knowledgeable about his line of work! He explained details to us so that we would understand everything. Buying our first home, we were expecting it to be stressful, but not with Fred and his team. Everything went very smoothly and quickly! Thank you American Family Funding!
  • Fred Kreger - Looking back at our first year of home ownership, we can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all that we have and for those who helped make it happen. This is long overdue, but please accept our sincerest thanks. Your professionalism combined with your great work ethic proved invaluable in making this big step such a positive experience.

    Nick and Cindy
  • Absolutely outstanding. this was my second purchase and I wished I had meet Jilyn on the first mortgage. She is the best loan officer I have dealt with.
  • Vytas, we want to express enormous gratitude to your and to your agency for helping us with a house loan. Our other experience with borrowing a loan to buy a house was very stressful. With you it was very smooth and fast. You explained to us in advance how it is going to work. Whenever we had a question, you would immediately answer it. Your knowledge, expertise, caring for your customers, incredible team of loan officers who work with you made the process of buying a house effortless. Our friends would tell us that it took them two months to close on a house, we expected the same. When we closed on a house in 5 weeks, we were amazed and so excited to move to our new home. Having other experiences of getting a loan that were very stressful, made us appreciate you and your company even more. You stand out as exceptional loan officer who has integrity, excellent customer service, expertise and communication skills to make our dream of buying our home true. Thank you from the bottom or our hearts.
  • Well I don't have a easy refinance because I'm my son's conservator so it took a little time, but Jilyn was awesome and patient...
  • Such a sweetheart and really worked hard to get the best loan for our family. Was nothing but a pleasure to work with Jilyn.