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American Family Funding and Credit Unions

American Family Funding and Credit Unions

We Bring You Loans and Help You Build Your ARM Portfolios

We have customers that do not always meet every guideline for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but they are still very strong candidates that we can present for your loan portfolio. We also have extensive experience in helping Credit Unions build portfolios containing Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) that are 5/1, 7/1 and 10/1 that can help protect your portfolio in a rising interest rate market.

Generate Fee Income

We have a completely compliant referral program where you can generate fee income by referring loans to us that do not meet your portfolio guidelines. If you do not do portfolio loans, you can still receive fee income for referring potential loans to us.

WE Help You Retain Your Loans and Members from Leaving to Big Banks

Portfolio – We are not a depository institution so we will not market any other products such as savings or checking accounts, auto loans etc., to your customers. Partnering with us will help you become an “all in one” financial institution for your members.

Array of Products – We have specialty products that will meet the unique needs of all your members.

Education & Seminars

Internal – We have seminars put on by AFF to your employees to educate them on sales techniques, marketing and leadership.

External – First-Time Homebuyers, VA and Lobby Days are all presented by AFF Experts.

Build Your Brand in the Mortgage Space with Your Members

Partnering with us will increase your member’s knowledge about your credit union and help you become their primary financial institution.

Trusted Partners for Over 2 Decades!

  • I feel very strongly that Jilyn was extremely helpful throughout a challenging loan process. When something didn't seem to work one way, she was always readily resourceful in finding another solution. Always willing to answer questions about anything.
  • We loved working with Patti on our refi! She was so professional and on top of the whole process. She was also very creative and helped solve a hiccup we had with another property. I highly recommended Patti for any mortgage needs!

  • My loan applications were rejected from all the major lenders, causing me great annoyance and distress. Patti went WAY out of her way to help me get the loan I needed and deserved. She helped for MONTHS straight, traveling through loopholes and staying in regular communication with an unbelievably positive attitude. I am eternally grateful to her for her help and advocacy that I'm sure I could not have gotten anywhere else. Rachel
  • Patti Handy is second to none. Her expertise in her field is very apparent. Patti is knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. Laura
  • I thought that you (Patti) and your team did a great job and that everyone should have the opportunity to let you help them. They will be very happy.  
  • The first time my wife and I understood and felt like we would be able to be approved for a home loan was when we were introduced to Vytas at American Family Funding. He not only explained the process clearly but was available and welcomed any of our questions and concerns. The team at American Family Funding went above and beyond to make the dream of becoming first-time homeowners for my family a reality.