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Our Loan Process

The Loan Process

These guidelines will outline the general steps required during the loan process.

However, it is important to realize that the loan process is different depending on where you live. Our team of Santa Clarita loan officers can help you through the process step-by-step.

STEP 1 – Apply

The first step in obtaining home loan financing is to fill out a loan application (also called a “Fannie Mae 1003,” or a “Uniform Residential Loan Application”). Any of our experienced loan officers are available to assist you in filling out the loan application and answering any questions you have along the way. We will make an appointment to meet with you in person or over the phone to help obtain any necessary personal and financial information needed to initiate the loan process. During this step, we will also discuss different loan programs that can meet your needs, the interest rates available, and the financial and property qualifications for the loan program you have chosen.

STEP 2 – Information Verification

Once you have chosen a loan program and interest rate, the application has been filled out, and you have provided us with the necessary information, we will send out forms to verify your employment history and bank account information, obtain your credit report, order your preliminary title report from the title company, and order your appraisal. Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we will compile your loan documents and submit them to the underwriter for final approval.

STEP 3 – Approval

Your loan may be approved as submitted, approved with conditions, or a counter-offer may be made for your consideration. If there are conditions on the loan in order for it to be approved as submitted, we will work with you to satisfy these conditions. Conditions might include an explanation letter, copies of investment documents, copies of divorce papers, or any number of items that may help clarify your qualifications for the loan.

STEP 4 – Documents to Escrow

After the loan conditions (if any) are met and the loan is approved, the necessary documents are prepared for closing. The lender will draw up the necessary documents along with any (prior-to-funding) conditions that have yet to be met, and in most cases, send them to a title or escrow company near where you live or your attorney to be signed by you. Your escrow officer or attorney will arrange for an appointment with you when the loan papers are ready to be signed.

STEP 5 – Close Escrow

The task of closing the loan is normally the responsibility of the escrow officer, attorney, or lender. This person or company is responsible for gathering all of the necessary documents (deed of trust, promissory note, etc.) and making sure all documents are signed. Following the lender’s instructions, the escrow officer, attorney or lender then calculates the various prorations, charges, and adjustments (interest on your old loan, interest on your new loan, money for impound accounts for taxes and insurance, etc.), makes sure all of the funds are deposited (if any), and provides you with a settlement statement showing all of the costs involved in the loan. Whoever handles the escrow responsibilities also makes sure that all of the parties involved in the loan process are paid after the loan funds. Your loan will then close escrow and your new loan will be recorded.

We can help guide you through the loan process from the initial application to the close of escrow. Contact one of our experienced loan officers for more information or start your loan application online today.


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    • Fernando is an "EXCELLENT" Loan Rep. His attention to detail is superb! His constant contact with us, made us feel that Fernando and American Family Funding, took personal pride in providing us with not only outstanding customer service, but personal one on one knowledge and understanding of our loan. He guided us through the process and always explained in detail the answers to all questions and concerns we had. We found his patience to be very impressive and noteworthy. I would highly recommend American Family Funding and Fernando to anyone in need of a home loan. Thank you Fernando for your exceptional service and assistance with our loan!

  • Great & very helpful service.
  • We are very pleased with the service we received from Fred Arnold and Tara. They were diligent in completing our refinance when previous efforts with a big bank left us very disappointed. We can't recommend the team at American Family Funding enough!

    Thanks guys!!

  • Patti was extremely helpful in determining whether a refi would be beneficial to our family. I never felt pressured in any way to move ahead with a refi decision. She laid out the options for us, and when we decided it was in our best interest, her team processed the refi quickly and efficiently. The process was much easier than we expected. Lauren
  • Rhona Jukes of American Family Funding was very patient with me and explained everything with clarity. She was prompt and efficient with every step of the way to getting funded.
  • Vytas was great and always easy to reach, returning calls right away and knowledgeable.  Thank you. I'm very happy with the service provided and love my house!


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