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360 Executive Suites SCV Offering Conference Rooms, Offices For Rent

360 Executive Suites SCV Offering Conference Rooms, Offices For Rent
July 27, 2020 devsite


360 Executive Suites SCV is currently offering a number of conference rooms and offices for rent to help those working remotely as a result of the coronavirus pandemic get out of the house.

“There’s nothing worse than giving a presentation, speaking to somebody online that you’re trying to get to buy a product, that you’re trying to share financial information (with), and all of a sudden, they can hear your kids or grandchildren or the lawn mower in the backyard,” said Fred Arnold of 360 Executive Suites SCV and American Family Funding.

Dave Cantrell, also of 360 Executive Suites SCV and American Family Funding, added that this type of scenario “kills the professionalism,” and he has experienced it himself with his dogs barking.

“The way that you can get around that is, get an executive suite,” he said.

A local rented office can help boost a person’s productivity by rendering a commute unnecessary and increasing quality of life as a result, according to Cantrell.

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“That quality of life really does translate into more productivity,” he said. “Everybody that we’ve talked to that is in 360 Suites, they’re always saying how much work they can get done.”

Additionally, if an employer has many of their staff members working from home because of the pandemic and now needs to downsize their current office space, renting an executive suite or conference room could be the perfect solution.

“Because of the COVID-19, a lot of companies are starting to realize that, you know what, maybe they don’t need an entire floor of an office building,” Cantrell said. “Maybe they are going to let their people work from home, but they still need a couple people coming into the office. We have a place where we can help those people out at 360 Suites.”

Other features of 360 Executive Suites SCV include a collaborative, open work space with the option to “shut the door,” a single-user gym and shower, and upgraded WiFi, according to Arnold.

“WiFi is critical when it comes to business — you don’t want to be speaking to a client trying to present and then you get choppiness,” Arnold said. “You need to have great WiFi.”

To schedule a tour of 360 Executive Suites SCV, call 714-600-5410 or click here.

“You’ve got to come see them,” Cantrell concluded, “because once you see them, you will absolutely love it.”

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